Private Reiki Therapy Session, 30 Minute Session

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Private Reiki Therapy Session, Series of Four 30 Minute Sessions

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Private Reiki Therapy Session, 1 Hour Session 

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Private Reiki Therapy Session, Series of Four 1 Hour Sessions 

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5 Powerful Meditations to Help Heal Your Animals Class

Animals are attracted to calm, stable energy... This 5 hour class is for all Animal Lovers who want to experience more peace, positivity and compassion in their lives alongside their animal companions.  You will learn and experience 5 transformative meditations created to shift your state of mind, decrease stress, find balance and nurture healing.  Learn these simple practices for everyday living. Your animals will jump for joy!


Reiki 1 and Animal Reiki Training: The Basics

This training is for people who want more wellness in their lives along with benefiting the wellbeing of animals.

**Most Reiki I classes focus on Reiki for people, but Karren’s class is unique in that it includes learning Reiki for both humans and animals.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the traditional Japanese practice of Reiki supports balance & promotes healing for yourself and others

  • The Reiki Precepts and guided meditations for working with them with All animals

  • Traditional practice of Joshin Kokyu Ho and Seishin Toitsu and how to use them with animals

  • How to use the most ethical and effective “Let Animals Lead” tm approach, created by my teacher & Animal Reiki expert, Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source

  • Hands-on Reiki self treatments and how to include animals

  • Reiki chair treatments to decrease stress, promote healing and nurture wellbeing

What You’ll Receive:

  • A professional, in depth Animal Reiki Source manual by Kathleen Prasad to resource throughout your learning journey

  • A beautiful certificate documenting your professional training 

  • An invitation to join SARA ( Shelter Animal Reiki Association) as a Practitioner Member

Cost: Public - $250

Veterinarians & their Staff - $125

Animal Shelter Staff - $40 (materials fee only)

Animal Shelter Volunteers - $125

Class limited to 10 Students + 10 friendly, vaccinated dogs if you choose to bring

To Register & Pay: contact Karren O’Sullivan -

*Prices are subject to adjustment based on travel expenses


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